Installing the BigCommerce integration

Follow the steps below to link your BigCommerce webshop to your Piggy account, so your customers can easily collect points on each purchase

Getting your authentication information

To allow Piggy access to your orders, which Piggy needs to create loyalty transactions for your customers, you must first create these permissions in your BigCommerce back-office.

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  1. Login to your BigCommerce back-office 
  2. When logged in, click on Settings in the side menu
  3. Scroll all the way down until you reach the API category
  4. Click on API accounts, then click on Create API account on the top right
  5. Give the API account any name you'd like. For the scopes, use (at least) the following settings:
    1. Customers: read-only or modify
    2. Marketing: modify (for creating discounts)
    3. Orders: read-only or modify
    4. Order-transactions: read-only or modify
    5. Products: read-only or modify
    6. Carts: read-only or modify
    7. Checkouts: read-only or modify
  6. A text file will now download with your authentication information. Open this file and go to your Piggy Business Dashboard

Installing the BigCommerce integration in the Business Dashboard

The final step is entering the authentication information you've just acquired in your Piggy Business Dashboard

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  1. Login to your Piggy Business Dashboard
  2. When logged in, click on the Tools (waffle) icon in the navigation bar on the top right
  3. From the dropdown menu, choose Integrations
  4. Search for the BigCommerce integration in the list of integration, then click Start
  5. Enter all the information from the text file, then click Start

🎉 Congratulations, your BigCommerce integration is now linked!

How does the BigCommerce integration work?


For each order that's created in your store, a loyalty transaction is created for the full order value. That is including tax and shipping. 


When a customer wants to (partially) refund their order and the points, use the Refund action readily available in BigCommerce. Please note that merely changing the order status to '(Partially) Refunded', will not trigger anything in the Piggy system. When a full refund is performed in BigCommerce, all of the points issued in the original order will be deducted from the Contact's balance. If a partial refund is performed in BigCommerce, points will be deducted proportionally (e.g. 50% of the total order price was refunded, therefore 50% of the total points issued will be deducted).