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A member has lost his/her loyalty card. What now?

Collected points are always linked to the email address, which is then linked to the loyalty card. That way, points never go lost.

If a member has lost their card, you can give them a new card by following the steps below:

  • Scan a new card
  • Enter the member's email address.

If you see the message 'Member not found' on your device, this means that you are using an outdated version of the Business App. Click here for more information about the update of the Business App

  • The member will receive an e-mail to activate the card.
  • The awarded points are immediately added to the account linked by the new card.

Please note: Rewards can only be redeemed when the saver's card is activated.

Tip: Members can download the Piggy app for free on their mobile phone. They only need to log in with the e-mail address on which the lost card is registered. The points are then immediately in the app. A physical card is no longer necessary.