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A customer has forgotten their Piggy card. What now?

No problem! Your customers can always collect points - even without their loyalty card or the Piggy app on their phone.

  1. Click on the Save button on the home screen of the Store App. On the next screen click on Forgot card?
  2. Here the customer can enter the email address that is linked to their Piggy account
  3. Now click on Next
  4. Finally, you can enter the purchase amount and add the Points. The loyalty points are now automatically added to the customer's account. 

Don't see a  Forgot Card button? Then set this up via the Store App configuration .

IMPORTANT: A customer can collect points at any time. However, a reward can  only be redeemed if the customer has a loyalty card or the Piggy app with them.  Otherwise we will not know for certain if someone is the rightful owner of the account and the loyalty points.